Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Serum


Nanogen’s Hair Growth Factor Serum is a once per day treatment to help promote thicker and fuller hair growth. The potent formula is applied directly onto the scalp and is designed to minimise hair loss. The Hair Growth Factor Serum keeps your scalp in it’s optimal condition for hair growth at its fullest potential.

Results from Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Serum can be expected in 2-4 months, with daily use.


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If you are experiencing hair loss or your hair has become thinner, then the Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Serum could be a solution for you. Nanogen’s formula contains a series of the growth factors that your hair follicles require when growing a healthy hair.

This serum has been specifically formulated to be lightweight, so that it doesn’t weigh down your hair. Nanogen Hair Growth Factor also uses a Non-Greasy formula.


Can be used with Minoxidil

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