What’s the best way to lose weight?

The best thing you can do is make long term changes to your lifestyle to start to see weight loss. Short term dieting can be unhealthy as you can be stripping your body of some vitamins and nutrients that they require. Its much healthier to make a calorie-controlled diet around including more fruit and vegetables into your diet.

Also plan easy and consistent exercise plans into your lifestyle. Whether that is a daily walk or run or signing up to an exercise class at your local gym

Is a calorie-controlled diet the same as a healthy diet?

A calorie-controlled diet simply means that you have limited the number of calories in your  daily intake, but doesn’t specify that these calories are coming from a healthy source. A healthy diet, is a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables. As part of your healthy diet you should aim to limit the amount of high sugar and high fat foods that you eat. For best weight loss results, you should aim to have a healthy calorie-controlled diet.

What easy changes can I make to my diet to help lose weight?

The simplest changes you can make are to what you drink on a daily basis, and replace them with water. Many drinks are full of sugar, even fruit juices and can be causing weight gain. At the very least you can aim to get out all fizzy-drinks, such as Coca Cola, that are extremely high in sugar.

Cutting alcohol consumption will also help to lose weight, as alcoholic drinks are high in calories and can be very high in sugar.

You can also try to replace high sugar and fat snacks, such as crisps and biscuits, with healthier snacks like fruit or vegetables. This will help you stay full during the day while controlling your calorie, fat and sugar intake.

What calorie deficit do I need to start seeing Weight Loss?

To lose 500 grams in Weight per week, you need to have a daily calorie deficit of 550 calories. That means you need a daily calorie intake of 550 calories less than you would need to maintain your weight.

To lose a 1kg per week you need a daily deficit of 1100 calories per day.