About Lifestyle Pharmacy

Welcome to Lifestyle Pharmacy, your trusted online specialist for pharmacy medications and lifestyle products. We stock the world’s leading brands of prescription medications and over the counter products, some of which cannot be found at any other pharmacy. We are always updating our range with the latest medical breakthroughs, to provide our patients with the choice of the best available solutions.
Lifestyle Pharmacy is owned and operated by Saks Brand Management Ltd.Pharmacy services are now carried out Hale Barnes Pharmacy (GPhC – 1029513).
Private Prescriptions are issued by Dr Nilofer Farjo (Manchester, UK) GMC number: 3452002 – regulated by the CQC. At Lifestyle Pharmacy we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, while providing the UK’s most efficient platform for private prescriptions. All of our orders, both prescription and non-prescription, are delivered as quickly and discreetly as we can direct to your door.