About Hair Loss

Hair Loss has troubled both men and women for thousands of years, and throughout the years there has always been miracle “cures”. In Ancient Egypt, the favoured Hair Loss treatment involved sea crab bites. While in Ancient Greece, a popular Hair Loss treatment was made out of pigeon droppings, horseradish and beetroot. It would seem, we have tried rubbing just about anything onto our heads to cure Hair Loss. Today the Hair Loss treatments that we provide here at Lifestyle Pharmacy are the product of years of research and development. All of our available treatments are medically proven to be the most effective available medications and cosmetics on the market.

There are many differing causes of Hair Loss, and it is important to understand what is causing your Hair Loss before we attempt to decide on the best treatment for you. The most commonly seen is Male Pattern Baldness, which will go on to effect 50% of men by the age of 50.

Female Pattern Baldness can be just as common as Male Pattern, with some experts that it can also affect approximately 50% of women by the age of 50.

While these are the most common types of Hair Loss seen in men and women, there are many other causes of Hair Loss. If you are unsure about your Hair Loss visit Other Causes of Hair Loss.