Female Pattern Hair Loss

A widely believed myth is that hair loss in women is uncommon, and that the cause of Female hair Loss must be something serious than Female Pattern Hair Loss. Female Pattern Hair Loss can affect around 50% of women by the age of 50. However Female Pattern Baldness is far less spoken about than Male Pattern Baldness. For this reason a lot of women can often find it difficult to seek medical advice and treatment for Female Pattern Baldness.

At Lifestyle Pharmacy we have the best available range of both medical and cosmetic treatments available for women.

Female Pattern Baldness is categorized by the Savin scale for Female Hair Loss. This scale follows a 3 stage pattern, as seen below. Female Pattern Baldness takes place in same way as Male Pattern, with the hair loss caused by the interaction between Androgen receptors at the base of hair follicles and Dihydrotestosterone(DHT)

Female Pattern Baldness can occur at any time after puberty, but it is most commonly seen after the menopause. This occurs as the levels of naturally produced male hormones increase during the menopause.

The best available treatments for Female Pattern Baldness are Minoxidil or Low Level Laser Treatment. Female’s cannot take Finasteride, due to the influence the drug has on hormone levels.

Sometimes women may find it difficult to identify the type of hair loss which they suffer from. We would first suggest visiting your local GP and asking for a blood test for the following: Full blood count, glucose, serum ferritin(iron stores), thyroid hormones and gestational hormone levels. If your GP is unable to shed any light, then we would recommend that you book a consultation with a Trichologist. We can help to recommend a Trichologist for you by contacting us on info@lifestylepharmacy.com.