Alternative Hair Loss Treatments – Revivogen

Revivogen is a revolutionary natural hair loss treatment, formulated by expert dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi. Revivogen Scalp Therapy is a topical solution made from natural ingredients to combat thinning hair and enhances rejuvenation for thicker, fuller and healthier hair. As it is made from completely natural ingredients, Revivogen has no side effects, unlike other hair loss treatments.

At clinical trials, Revivogen was able to achieve an 88% success rate over a 12 month period. During this trial the participants were asked to self-assess their progress on Revivogen or placebo depending on which group they were assigned. On average 85% of the 50 participants using Revivogen saw improvements in their scalp hair.

At each time point in the trial, an investigator also assessed each participant and found improvements in 84% of the Revivogen participants, and photographic assessment saw an improvement in 86% of the participants.

Over the course of the trial, Revivogen Scalp Therapy improved the overall quality of scalp hair in 88% of the Revivogen receiving participants. This means the thickness, pigment, length and/or growth rate of their hair improved.

How does it compare to Minoxidil?

An independent study was carried out by the Moscow State University of Food industry, to test Revivogen’s efficacy against Minoxidil.

Over the course of the study, every Revivogen participant saw an improvement in their hair loss and also the quality and health of their hair. In the group that were using Minoxidil (Rogaine 2 or 5%), there were similar results, with 12 participants seeing an improvement. However there were 2 members in the group that saw no effect from the Minoxidil.

The study showed that both Minoxidil and Revivogen are effective at combatting hair loss and that Revivogen has a similar if not greater efficacy than Minoxidil.

So what is in Revivogen?

Revivogen has a number of key ingredients that gives it the ability to combat hair loss. It contains 4 essential fatty acids that are extracted from plant oils; Gamma Linolenic Acid, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Linolenic Acid and Oleic Acid. These fatty acids are inhibitors of 5-alpha reductase production in the scalp, similarly to Finasteride.

Saw Palmetto Extract is also present in Revivogen, and this acts an androgen blocker. This means that it prevents DHT from expressing its normal biological effects onto hair follicles, and so prevents hair loss.

Procyanidin Oligomers are also present, and they work in a similar way to Minoxidil by stimulating growth in hair follicles.

All these ingredients combined work to achieve the same effects as both Finasteride and Minoxidil combined.

How long do until you see results?

Revivogen is similar to any medical treatment for pattern baldness, in that it will take at least 3 months for results to start showing. The reason a treatment takes as long as this, is because that’s how long it takes for a new hair grow through and be noticeable. An effective medical treatment for hair loss, will cause a new growth phase to start. This means you’ll initially see shedding as the hairs in the resting phase are shed. The new hair will start to grow through but it takes time before it grows to a suitable length that it can be noticed and that hair can be seen to be in a healthier state than previously.

Who can use Revivogen?

Revivogen is a suitable treatment for both men and women, and proven to be effective for both genders. Pregnant women should avoid using Revivogen during the term of their pregnancy.

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