Accelerated Follicular Restoration – Help Hair Whey Protein

Thinking about a Hair Transplant? If so, you should consider taking Help Hair Whey Protein after your surgery.


Why? Help Hair has been shown to lead to Accelerated Follicular Restoration.


What does this mean? Typically it takes around 9-12 months for the full results of a Hair Transplant to be seen. The hair enters a long resting phase after being transplanted and so the investment you’ve made into your hair can take a long time to bear fruit. Help Hair has been shown to reduce that resting phase! In a clinical trial all 52 participants saw full regrowth of their transplanted hair within 7 months. 79% saw their full growth within the first 6 months of their transplant. Thats a minimum of 3 months earlier than would have been expected.

Male participants were taking 1mg of Finasteride once per day and 2% Minoxidil twice per day. Female participants were required to take 2% Minoxidil twice per day.

It is important that Help Hair is not taken alongside any another protein powders or workout supplements such as Creatine or Growth Hormones.

How to use

Help Hair should not be mixed with any Soy products, as this will increase the anabolic rate of the product. It is also important that the powder is not heated either as this will denature the protein content.

Adding Caffeine to your Help Hair shake (1 scoop instant coffee) will enhance the growth seen. But it is important not to heat if adding caffeine to your shake. Spicy foods can also help to enhance the effects of the shake.

Take one scoop of Help Hair Whey Protein, twice per day, at least 8-12 hours apart. Help Hair Vitamins can be taken alternatively to the second daily shake.

Add natural proteins to your Help Hair shake to boost protein content for gym workouts. Peanut Butter and Yogurt are both good natural sources of protein that you can add.

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