Introducing RegrowMD Laser 272 by HairMax

We are proud to be able to introduce you to the latest HairMax low level laser device, RegrowMD Laser 272. Click here to buy now. 

Featuring 272 medical grade lasers, the RegrowMD is HairMax’s biggest ever device. A fully FDA-cleared laser device to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth.


7 clinical trials using HairMax devices have been conducted, with an average 90% success rate and a 129 additional new hair per sq. inch. 450 men and women have take part to date.

HairMax devices work by increasing the production of ATP. This is the energy source for your cells and so an increase will help stimulate protein synthesis. In turn this will increase the blood circulation to the cell to provide a greater source of oxygen, vitamins and nutrients. The increased protein synthesis and blood flow will encourage thicker and quicker hair growth and also encourage hair follicles to enter new growth phases. Inflammation of the hair follicle will be reduced as well as a consequence.


To date HairMax have sold over 1.5 million devices worldwide and continue to be the market leaders in Low Level Laser Treatment for Hair Loss.

HairMax devices are a great option for anyone suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia. Stop waiting and treat your hair loss today!

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