Postpartum Hair Loss – How do you combat it?

Pregnancies are extremely stressful on the body and causes large changes in your hormone levels. While pregnant estrogen levels increase steadily, leading to more luxurious and thick hair growth. Quicker hair growth might also be seen. Estrogen is a hormone that will signal hair follicles to enter a growth phase. Around 10-15% of hairs are normally in a resting phase, but during pregnancy that drops significantly.

Postpartum it is perfectly normal to have a hormone imbalance, that can then lead to temporary hair loss. Estrogen levels will quickly drop back down to their regular levels. The result is a lot of hair follicles will quickly enter a resting phase. 2-4 months after this hormone change, all those hairs will be shed. This sudden hair loss can be quite alarming, but it is only temporary and those hairs will grow back over time. It can take up to 6 months postpartum to see your regular hair growth return and the hair growth may be not as thick as during the pregnancy.


It can be difficult to avoid postpartum hair loss, as controlling your hormone levels isn’t possible. What can be done is to help your hair grow back as quickly and full as possible. You can also use cosmetic solutions to conceal the hair loss seen postpartum, until it does start to grow back

  1. HairMax Low Level Laser Treatment – HairMax devices work by providing an additional energy source to your hair follicles. With this additional energy source, your follicles are able to enter a growth quicker than without. The additional energy is used to grow a hair quicker and thicker. More oxygen and nutrients will be brought to the cells because of the additional energy and so the hair that is grown will be thicker and fuller. HairMax laser treatments can be used straight after pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  2. Nutritional Supplements – Making sure that you are taking in the necessary vitamins and nutrients postpartum is very important. The body goes through huge amounts of stress that it needs to recover from and your body will prioritise that recovery over your hair. Help Hair Protein Powder provides all the nutrients your hair needs for healthy growth, including 8g of Protein per serving. Your hair is made of over 90% protein, so having a good protein source is key to healthy hair growth. If you are breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Viviscal is also another nutritional supplement to consider to help your hair grow back faster.
  3. Toppik Hair Building Fibres – Toppik fibres a cosmetic solution to cover your hair loss. Individual keratin fibres are given an electrostatic charge, so that they can bind to your existing hair. This creates a thicker looking hair, and prevents any scalp show through. Quick and easy to use, Toppik fibres are truly an effective way to conceal your hair loss until your hair growth returns to normal.
  4. DermMatch Scalp Concealer – DermMatch works by applying the same colour to your scalp as to the roots of your hair. This prevents the contrast of colours that makes hair loss noticeable. The unique quality that DermMatch has, is that it is the only waterproof cosmetic hair loss concealer available. DermMatch washes out with shampoo easily.


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