Let There Be Light

Our sun is the provider for all life that exists on our planet. The energy that the sun sends down onto planet Earth feeds the trees and plants around us. These trees produce the Oxygen that we breath and the fruit and vegetables that we eat. Since the beginning of time, our Sun has been the source of all life on Earth. The benefits from the Sun’s energy aren’t limited to the forests and fields that it grows.

Our modern lifestyles have us spending less and less time outside in the sun than we ever have. Office jobs and the availability of indoor entertainment (TV’s, computers and video games) mean we aren’t in the sun as much as we really should be. We know all about this with the knowledge that we are able to absorb Vitamin D from the suns rays and that Vitamin D deficiencies have never been more common. Scientists have found that extended light deprivation can cause mental depression. Direct sunlight has in fact been proven to reduce stress and the sun’s cycle is what stimulates our bodies production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that helps us to sleep at night, so more exposure to the sun will actually help us to sleep better as well.

When it comes to our hair, the sun also has a positive effect here too. The suns rays are made up of all different forms of lights including the full range of colours. What we are interested in the Visible Red Light that is part of the suns energy and rays. Our bodies are able to interact and absorb red light and convert into energy that our cells can use called ATP. During the summer months, when the weather is warmer and we have more sunlight per day, it is quite common to notice your hair will grow thicker and quicker. This is down to an increase in the amount of Red Light we are absorbing from the Sun.

The benefits of Red Light for our hair was first discovered in the 1960’s by Endre Mester when his faulty Laser was emitting a lower power than he desired. He observed the Lasers ability to stimulate quicker hair growth and so Low Level Laser for Hair Growth was discovered. Fast forward to the 1990’s and now the Red Laser Lights are being used by Astronauts to grow plants in space. They had discovered that the Red Light stimulated photosynthesis and they could grow plants without direct sunlight.

In humans the Red Laser Light works through the process of photo-biostimulation. This biochemical process strengthens the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. With an increase in energy, the mitochondria can produce more energy and draw more blood into the scalp. This is needed to be able to use up the increased levels of energy. When our hair follicles have an increase in their energy levels they are able to grow a thicker and stronger hair follicle. This increase in energy will also serve to prevent the hair loss process. If you are concerned about your hair, whether your losing your hair or just noticed some general thinning, then you should definitely consider a HairMax Low Level Laser device. With close to 2 million devices sold worldwide, HairMax are the market leader in Laser devices for hair growth. Clinically proven over the course of 7 clinical trials, HairMax could be the answer for you.

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