Numinox Follicle Revitalizer


Mediceuticals Numinox Follicle Revitalizer is a twice daily leave-in treatment for Male Pattern Hair Loss. Numinox helps to stimulate blood circulation and aid with blocking DHT.

Contains Key Ingredients:

Triaminocoptinol: Supports the reduction of hair loss and hair shedding while actively stimulating new hair growth

NutraCell: Increases the blood flow to the scalp

Estrolin: Purifies and detoxifies the scalp of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)


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Instructions / Dosage for Use

Apply Numinox to a dry or moist scalp. Place nozzle tip close to the scalp and apply directly onto areas of concern, one pump at a time. Gently massage for complete coverage. For best results, apply twice daily (morning and evening).

Warning for Use

Caution: recommend patch test for sensitive skin (hairline). You may experience blushing & warming sensation – a normal reaction. If hypersensitive, dilute solution with 50% water and retest.

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