Welcome to Lifestyle Pharmacy, the official Pharmacy partner of Mid Kent Trichology.

Lifestyle Pharmacy have an unrivalled range of hair loss products and medications. Our partnership ensures that we are able to provide you with products and services at competitive prices, and the highest level of customer service.

If you are unsure about which product is best for you, Lifestyle Pharmacy’s customer service team and Pharmacists will be more than able to help.

Please find below Mid Kent Trichology's recommended Hair Loss Medications and Products

Finasteride 1mg

28 Tablets   
£25.00 Add to basket

Viagra (Sildenafil) 100mg

£64.95 Add to basket

Hairmax Laserband 41

£499.95 Add to basket

Sildenafil – 100mg

4 Tablets   
£24.95£39.95 Add to basket

Tony Maleedy Juniper Scalp Therapy Shampoo

£17.95 Add to basket

Tony Maleedy Scalp Therapy Conditioner

£17.95 Add to basket

Toppik Hair Building Fibers – Regular 12G

£19.95 Add to basket

Dermmatch Hair Loss Concealer 40g

£34.95 Add to basket

Mane Hair Thickening Spray

£16.95 Add to basket

Hairmax Laserband 82

£739.95 Add to basket

Hairmax Ultima 9 Classic Lasercomb

£189.95 Add to basket

Toppik Coloured Hair Thickener

£18.95 Add to basket

Florisene for Women

£24.95 Add to basket

Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy

£99.95 Add to basket

Vitamin D3 1000iu

£11.95 Add to basket